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Udonis has been recognized as a data-driven marketing agency by top agency research & review firms.


What is a data-driven marketing approach?

Data-driven marketing is the approach of optimizing brand communications based on customer information. It uses customer data to predict their needs, desires and future behavior. Data helps you gain clarity on your target audience and offers you the ability to build stronger connections with potential customers.

Data-driven marketing trends

Data marketing services are important for businesses who are serious about getting to know their customers. And more and more businesses are adopting a data-driven approach. The evidence of it can be found in the Google Trends chart: the number of searches for “data-driven marketing” has been constantly increasing for the past 10 years.

Data-driven marketing starts with data collection & analysis.

There is a lot of data to process to ensure you know everything about your audience, how they engage with the campaign, how can your message be optimized and show results. Some ways through which marketing data is collected:

  • Website use
  • App/Game use
  • Customer service contact
  • Social media

How does data-driven marketing impact your marketing results?

  • Establish key marketing and customer data goals
  • Get to know your customers better using user segmentation and profiling
  • Identify the most important user data
  • Focus on best opportunities and prioritize key customers
  • Target customers based on shared characteristics
  • Deliver more personalized, relevant content
  • Determine the right marketing channels and timing

Why you need a data-driven marketing strategy?

Data-driven marketing strategy will ensure that your marketing efforts are effectively contributing to your business. Data can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of every part of your business, allowing you to make strategic decisions that help your marketing become more successful. With the right sources of information, you’ll be able to get to know enough about the right customer, instead of knowing something about the most customers.

Examples of data-driven marketing:


It turns out that 97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without converting. That’s where retargeting comes in. Retargeting enables you to re-engage with your existing users with the help of remarketing campaigns.

Dynamic advertising

Receive more information about your users by turning your social media outlets into two-way communication channels. Feed that data directly into your database and use it to improve your marketing campaigns.

Optimized paid search

Analyze your ideal user based on the types of keywords they’re searching for while considering what is the competition targeting as well. Leveraging this data will help you position at the top of most relevant search results.

Targeted email campaigns

If email marketing is a part of your marketing strategy, take a data-driven approach to email campaigns by grouping your desired target audiences.

Data-driven services we’re offering:

Data-driven media planning & buying

  • Mobile app marketing services
  • Mobile game marketing services
  • Lead generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consulting

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