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Udonis has been recognized as a top performance marketing agency by top agency research & review firms.

What is performance marketing?

What if you could switch your focus from awareness-focused metrics and shift toward action-focused metrics? That’s the goal of performance marketing. The main premise of performance marketing is the ability to measure outcomes based on key actions. You determine the key action that is most valuable to you, whether it’s a click, lead, or install. You’re not paying a fixed amount for advertising, but a variable price based on the ad type and key action.

What is a performance marketing agency?

A performance marketing agency focuses on delivering you results. The results should be measurable from the first ad interaction all the way down to the transaction or key action of any kind. That way, instead of focusing on how much impressions or clicks your campaign is getting, you can focus on generating key actions that matter the most to your business.

How is your performance measured?

How can you tell if something is working or not? First, you have to be able to measure it, and then benchmark results against your goals. The most commonly used framework for setting marketing goals are the Key Performance Indicators. KPI’s are a set of measurable metrics that are derived from your overall business goals. They must be clear and quantifiable metrics which can indicate how many key actions you’re getting and how much is the key action costing you.

Performance-driven services:

Performance media planning & buying

When done well, performance media planning & buying puts your message in front of the audience that can instantly respond to your ad. The goal of media planning & buying services is to maximize the performance of your campaigns with proven strategies. You want to decide on how to reach and communicate with your target audience most efficiently. Media planning & buying covers a large specter of different traffic sources: mobile, mobile-web or both.

  • Mobile app marketing services
  • Mobile game marketing services
  • Lead generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consulting

Performance analytics & business intelligence

Real insights come from real data. Our performance analytics incorporates all the data resources as well as customer data, to measure KPIs. We know your business has unique goals - that’s why we make sure your KPIs are aligned with your business goals.

KPI’s tracking & evaluation

KPI’s are measurable values used by marketing teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns across all media channels. Depending on your industry and the specific actions you are interested in tracking, there are a number of KPI’s your business will want to monitor.
Some of the examples:

  • Volume of sales, leads, installs, etc.
  • Cost per sale, lead, install, etc.
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer retention

Data management

Having a singular view of customers, channels & campaigns enables you to have a clear overview of your performance. Your marketing campaigns will be generating a lot of first-, second- and third-party data. Use that data to learn about your audience and break through the clutter with relevant ads.

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