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Instagram is crucial for mobile businesses. With users spending an average of 12 hours monthly on the app, the platform's engagement is unmatched. Ads on Instagram Stories reach over 500 million people, and a significant 53.7% of U.S. marketers are tapping into Instagram Reels for influencer marketing. Importantly, 83% of users discover new products and services here, highlighting Instagram's potential for brand growth.

As a mobile business, it can be a challenge to stand out on the platform. That’s why collaborating with an experienced Instagram agency like Udonis is key. We provide the expertise needed to maximize Instagram's dynamic advertising features and engaged audience, as well as ensure your mobile business fully leverages the platform's capabilities.

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What we offer

Premium Instagram marketing service

At Udonis, we provide top-tier Instagram marketing services that combine market research and strategic planning to target your specific audience effectively. Our in-house creative team is skilled in crafting a range of ad formats that ensure high engagement and brand recall.

As an experienced Instagram ad agency, we specialize in the mobile gaming sector with notable clients like Sybo, King, and Voodoo in our portfolio.

Why choose Udonis as your Instagram marketing agency?

Experienced Creative Production

Udonis stands out as an Instagram advertising agency with a highly skilled in-house creative production team. We specialize in creating diverse ad formats like video ads, image ads, and playable ads, tailored to capture your audience's attention on Instagram.

Specialized Media Buying Expertise

Our media buying team, managing over $500 million in advertising budgets, brings unparalleled expertise to your Instagram campaigns and ensures optimal ad placement and performance.

Focus on Mobile Gaming

As a marketing agency for Instagram, we have a proven track record with leading mobile gaming publishers. Our experience in this niche makes us uniquely equipped to handle campaigns in the mobile gaming sector.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Our approach at Udonis goes beyond traditional methods. We employ innovative strategies like user generated content that make us a sought-after Instagram marketing agency, always staying ahead of industry trends.

Comprehensive Reporting and Transparency

We provide detailed campaign insights through our marketing dashboard and emphasize transparency and data-driven decisions, which sets us apart as a trusted Instagram marketing agency.


Our partners and friends on working with us on mobile advertising projects.

  • Shumin Dai

    Shumin Dai

    Growth UA Team Lead

    Udonis' performance-oriented mindset makes UA's life much easier. They understand very quickly what we look for and collaborations are carried out with punctual delivery, flexibility and with high production value. Communication has been easy and efficient. We highly value our partnership.

  • Tosin Oshinyemi

    Tosin Oshinyemi

    Video Producer

    Udonis had a very effective team who clearly communicated their schedule and any issues that arose in a timely manner as well as dealing with feedback with swift efficiency. The videos delivered were of a high quality and will go a long way in aiding our performance user acquisition.

  • Phillip Kung

    Phillip Kung


    Udonis has been an effective and trusted partner for our user acquisition efforts for quite some time. They contribute greatly not only to our UA efforts across a variety of CPM networks, but also on the ad creatives front. They are consistently focused on improving their own operations and finding new ways they can contribute to ours which strengthens our relationship and keeps our goals aligned.

  • Daniel Feld

    Daniel Feld

    VP of Marketing

    With Udonis we found a top tier partner that comprehensively manages all our UA needs. From campaign management across multiple platforms, detailed analytics and accomplished optimisation to their flawless understanding and execution of creative, they are striving to deliver success on all fronts. 2022 requires a responsive “think fast and act faster” approach to UA and Udonis will just do that and then some more!

  • Joe Stamper

    Joe Stamper

    Managing Director

    Udonis have really taken the stress out of UA. Their team has a friendly approach and made working together a delight. They manage all of our campaigns over multiple platforms and maintain seamless communication every step of the way. Highly recommend Udonis as your go-to UA partner for thriving in today’s competitive market.

  • Janos Perei

    Janos Perei

    Head of Performance Marketing

    At SYBO, we prioritise top-tier quality. Udonis not only meets these standards but also excels in timely, large-scale delivery. This distinct edge over their competitors has us eager to deepen our partnership even further.

  • Ville Heijari

    Ville Heijari


    Over multiple projects, Udonis has proven to be an agile and reliable partner, with a swift response time, efficient process, and timely delivery. They have always matched our expectations in production values, and helped us discover new staple concepts.


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